Monday, January 27
Millennium for Windows
 Millennium Integrated Payroll/HR

The payroll software that's years ahead of its name...

Introducing Millennium for Windows, the Integrated Payroll and Human Resource software designed to be the most flexible on the market.

Millennium provides all of the functionality of the most expensive in-house payroll and human resource systems - Giving the user everything they need internally, while still providing an outsourced payroll solution.

Fully Integrated Payroll and Human Resources

Designed with both payroll and human resource departments in mind, Millennium seamlessly integrates payroll with human resources. By using one database for both human resource and payroll data, interfacing becomes obsolescent, and duplicate entry becomes completely unnecessary.

Millennium allows human resource and payroll user's access to the same group of over twenty pages of employee information. The modules are customizable as to which pages are available to each user.

Payroll Without Limits

Companies can define a virtually limitless number of earning and deduction types - the limitation is based solely on available disk space. In addition to the unlimited earnings and deductions, there are over 30 groups of data with unlimited numbers of codes, including:

No Limit to Employee Data

Pay Rates

Each employee can have an unlimited number of pay rates, and each of these rates can be associated with a specific department or job code.

Labor Distribution

Each employee can have an unlimited number of job or department distributions - you can automatically distribute an employee's pay to hundreds of departments, by dollar amount or percentage.

Automatic Pay

Each employee can have an unlimited number of automatic pays, each of which can be applied to the employee at any frequency. Each of these pays can be associated with a specific department or job code.


Each employee can have an unlimited number of deductions, each taken at the appropriate frequency. The deduction amounts can be tied to the company-defined deduction amount, or can be overridden at the individual level. Global changes of deductions are transparent to the user! Minimums, maximums, and goal amounts are also supported.


Unfortunately for the employees, each can have any number of taxing entities associated with their pay. The taxable wages accrue independently for each tax, and tax amounts can be withheld or blocked as necessary. If the employee is working in more than one state, multiple state taxes can be withheld per the reciprocal agreements between the states. The employee's filing status for each taxing entity is recorded independently, allowing for different withholdings by state. Additional tax amounts can automatically be withheld, if desired, and can automatically be suppressed on supplemental checks. Because an employer may not know the state specific allowance or exemption information, a tax information window is shown which indicates important information about each tax.

Direct Deposit

Each employee can have an unlimited number of direct deposit accounts at any number of banks. The employee can have flat amounts or percentages deposited into their accounts. An option even allows for the entire net check, less a specific flat amount, to be deposited (i.e., the employee always gets a $50 check, and the rest is deposited into a checking account). A user-defined bank table shows the name of the bank for data-entry verification. This table also contains the format of the bank account numbers for the given bank; ensuring accounts with the correct number of digits are entered. Individual direct deposit transactions can automatically be suppressed on supplemental paychecks.

401(k) Administration

Many 401(k) discrimination testing fields are available for the strictest discrimination audits. 401(k) employee's single contribution deduction can automatically be distributed to any number of funds, by percentage or flat amount. The employee, employer match, profit sharing and other fund sources can be distributed independently to the chosen funds.

Time-off Benefit Accruals

Each employee can have an unlimited number of time-off benefit plans. Each of these plans will accrue according to a company defined length-of-service table. Company defined rates can be overridden at the individual level as necessary. Each benefit plan can accrue both hours and/or dollars.


The user can record the employee's education, including school, major, degree, and GPA. A second screen is available for recording continuing education credits - particularly important in school districts where pay is based solely on education credits and length-of-service.


Record as many user-defined events as necessary for each employee. Events can be associated with other documents - for example, keeping links to the letters written to the employee.


On each employee, and unlimited number of skills can be entered, along with recertification dates.

Insurance Plans

Recording an unlimited number of insurance plans on each individual, with several dates, certificate numbers, covered dependents, beneficiaries, coverage limits, employee and employer premiums.

More Human Resource Data Screens.....

Including Dependents, Emergency Contacts, Previous Employers, Reviews, and many others.

And, yes, Paychecks

On each payroll, an employee can receive an unlimited number of paychecks. Each of these paychecks can have an unlimited number of pay types and deductions. Each paycheck has its own attributes allowing for override tax frequencies, deductions withheld, etc. Pay can be entered by department or job, even recording dates for certified payroll reporting. The pay screens show all of the employee's available pay rates, as well as time-off accrual benefit accrual information. The gross-to-net of the paycheck is shown on the bottom of the screen, and is updated in real-time as the data is entered. At the press of a button, an image of the paycheck is shown on the screen, including the complete check stub.

Two customizable pay screens allow for ease in data entry. The first allows an unlimited number of transactions to be entered for each check; each transaction can have an override department, job code, rate, or other attributes as necessary.

The second pay screen allows for entry of multiple employees on the same screen. For relatively simple payrolls, this screen allows for the fastest data entry.

Prior Check Display

The user can view any or all of the employee's prior checks. Checks can easily be voided, and optionally reissued if necessary. The integrated check reconciliation system shows which checks have been cleared, and will display a warning when the user tries to void a cleared check.

No Limit To Company Data

Earning Codes

Each company can have its own unlimited number of earning codes. These earning codes can be associated with many system-defined earning types, which apply specific attributes to the type of pay; including tips, fringe benefit codes, third party sick pay, prior employer wages, and memo codes.

The earning codes can each be associated with a fixed rate or rate code, and each can have additional or percentage rate premiums. Our powerful integrated scripting language allows for custom user defined earning calculations.


Each company can have its own unlimited number of deduction codes. Each of which can be a normal deduction (affecting net pay only), or can be taxed or exempted according to Section 125, 129, 401k, 403b, 408k, 457, or 501c. Tax exempt status for many deduction types is stored by tax code -you'll never have to remember whether or not 401(k) deductions are taxable in Pennsylvania. If the company has only one 401(k) plan, you'll only need one 401(k) deduction - even if the company has employees in all 50 States.

Deduction types for garnishments are also available. Deductions can be "add-to-net", adding the amount to the net pay rather than deducting the amounts. Each deduction can have its own pay period or annual limitations. Deductions can also be automatically dropped if desired, when the employee's net check drops below zero; these dropped (or partially dropped) deductions can automatically be made up on the next positive paycheck. Our powerful scripting language allows for custom user defined deduction calculations.

Tax Codes

Each company can be associated with as many taxing entities as necessary, each with its own tax ID and rate. Effective dates allow for unemployment experience rate changes as well as deposit frequency changes. Taxes can be deposited via several methods, including Check, ACH Credit or Debit. Each tax can be transferred independently between several accounts, allowing for transfer of tax moneys from the company to the service bureau as the taxes accrue. Several options include the transfer of moneys on a specific number of days before the liability or due date.

Bank Accounts

Each company can have as many bank accounts as necessary, each with its own signature and/or logo printed on the check. Signatures and logos are kept in an industry standard format, allowing for easy scanning and setup.

Five User-Defined Organization Levels

For the most complicated of companies, Millennium supports five distinct levels of organization within the company. This allows for Division, Branch, Location, Department, Project, or any other employee grouping needed. The descriptions of these organizational levels are user defined, and the user's description of each level will appear as appropriate on all screens and reports. The system can hold an unlimited number of entries in each level (i.e., unlimited number of departments).

Unlimited Job Codes

The company can have an unlimited number of job codes, each of which can have shift or rate premiums as necessary. The user can code government contract jobs to automatically produce the certified payroll register report as necessary.


Integrated position control allows each company to have an unlimited number of positions. The position control features allow tracking of open or closed, budgeted or unbudgeted positions, and the employee currently filling the position. Each position can be associated with a pay grade, EEO class, workers comp code, and FLSA overtime exempt status. Each position can also have job requirements and job descriptions - especially useful with the applicant tracking module.

User Defined Frequencies

For the complicated needs of municipalities or school districts, the user can create customized frequency codes for employee pays and taxes, or for deductions and reporting requirements.

Third Party Checks

The system can generate an unlimited number of third party checks based on actual employee deduction amounts. These checks can include garnishment checks, 401k checks, United Way contributions, or any other deduction-based amounts. These checks are automatically generated at desired frequency, and can optionally be direct deposited into the agency's account.


A company calendar provides for flexible pay and processing frequencies, and scheduling of payroll processes.

Many Other Tables, including:

401k Funds

401k Sources

401k Status Codes

EEO Class

Employee Status

Employee Type



Pay Grades

Pay Groups

Raise Reasons

Rate Codes

Review Codes

Shift Codes (and associated shift premiums)

Skill Codes

Termination Reasons


Workers Comp Codes


Millennium for Windows is specifically designed to work with Crystal Reports 9, from Seagate Software. Using the most powerful report writer on the market allows for creation of very elaborate reports; Every report in Millennium is produced with Crystal Reports. This allows the users to customize any report with minimal effort and maximum flexibility.

The seamless integration of Crystal Reports into Millennium allows us to customize the reports on-the-fly, based on company-specific criteria or ad-hoc user requests.

Since an industry standard open architecture is used, end-user reports can be produced with most Microsoft Windows compatible report writers. Millennium can be configured to execute reports created by other report writers; Although we have less direct control over other report writer's functionality, the users' favorite report writer can still be integrated with Millennium.

Data Import/Export Features

Time Clocks

Designed with the end user in mind, Millennium can automatically import data from many major time clocks and POS systems, including Kronos, Simplex, Time America, and Positouch. Millennium can also import the standard files used by other payroll service companies, such as ADP's EPIP file. This integrated import functionality allows the user to forget the payroll system side of the import/export procedure - the data can be loaded automatically.

General Ledger

The system can automatically create the journal entries for integration with most modern general ledger accounting systems.

Other Features

Employee Navigation/Selection

The employees can be sorted in almost any order, and any grouping of employees can be selected. Navigation through the employees is very easy, and immediate selection of the desired employee is always possible.


Security filters allow access to any possible grouping of employees… The filters can be designed to restrict access based on any field in the employee database.

User rights are currently at the module and screen level, allowing full, read-only, or no access to each module and/or screen. Field level security is planned.


Several "wizards" in Millennium prompt the user for information in an easy to understand, logical manner. A new employee wizard allows for easy entry of new employees, prompting the user with the required data to properly pay the employee. Third party sick pay and manual check wizards allow for correct entries every time, with little user knowledge required.

Ad-Hoc SQL

SQL, or Structured Query Language, is the industry standard means for database access and manipulation. Ad-Hoc SQL requests can be entered into Millennium, allowing the user to view or modify their data in an unlimited number of ways. Password protection of queries stored internally in Millennium allows for security while still providing this flexibility. Update queries can also be specified, allowing for an endless variety of global changes, to any grouping of data.

Powerful Scripting Language

Our powerful, yet easy to use, scripting feature allows for custom user-defined earning or deduction calculations.

International Support

Although only the US product is currently available, the code and databases are designed for internationalization. The tax structure is designed to allow for almost any possible tax formula. Versions of Millennium supporting foreign currencies, languages, and taxes are planned.


Designed with an open database schema, the users can add fields to the database structure. New tables can be created; Corresponding screens can easily be added to the list of pages available to both human resource and payroll users.


Millennium for Windows uses the latest 32-bit operating systems and database technology. Millennium is designed specifically for Microsoft Windows 98, Windows ME, Windows NT, Windows 2000, and Windows XP; Sorry, Millennium will not run on Windows 3.x or Windows 95.

This allows for virtually unlimited data storage and access, and extraordinarily flexible data integration capabilities. Millennium for Windows also supports client/server architecture, allowing for more network users without the loss of performance found in other systems. Database-independent architecture allows the ability to change the back-end database without changing any of the functionality of the system. The result is the most powerful payroll and human resource system on the market today, and the flexibility to grow with new technologies.